Custom Formulation

Effective August 1, 2024.


TME Cosmetics offers product custom formulation. Any request to alter a  listed TME Cosmetics products (removing or adding ingredients) or customizing an entire formula with choice of own ingredients is considered a custom formulation.

Custom formulation attracts a one time fee of  $50 for each product 1 gallon or less and $100 for each product more than 1 gallon.

If a sample is requested, a sample fee will be assessed to accommodate a pre order of raw materials.

The process is as follows:

  1. Contact us to discuss the product(s) you wish to have formulated
  2. You will email the details of each one of the products that you wish to formulate to
  3. Once agreed upon you will be provided a cost to make your products.
  4. An invoice will be sent, once payment is received, your raw material will be sourced and purchased for your products if not normally carried in our inhouse inventory such as certain fragrances, essential oils, colorants, extracts and any of your specific ingredients.
  5. Once ingredients arrive to warehouse, production will begin.
  6. You will receive a complete ingredient list and product usage information list sent to the email listed on file.

Please note : We will not exceed percentages of Ingredients that may consider a product unsafe for the skin.


This process can take anywhere between 7-21 business working days.


Additional Information.

Expenses to expect with this process but not limited to are:

  •   If TME Cosmetics will fill your product you will be charged a filling fee. Current fee is 0.75/per bottle (does not include the cost of your bottles, jars or tops). These items are a separate cost
  •   If you are sending in your packaging you must order all components that is not limited to bottles, jars, tops, seals and any other pieces to create your finished packaged products, and schedule arrival of your packaging with the filling department
  •   Labels can be designed, printed and applied to your products.